2015 Finals Warriors played away, not alone boss chartered plane to transport fans
After the first two games of the NBA Finals in Oakland, the team will move to Cleveland for the third game today.However, in order for their Warriors players to provide home-like integration, the Warriors boss Lakob chartered a special plane to transport all employees to Cleveland, and they will become the most loyal supporters of the Warriors at the Cavaliers at home.The Warriors boss chartered a plane to send all employees to watch the game away. It is reasonable to say that the team rushed to the away game. It is not necessary for all employees to go away with the team.The Warriors players feel lonely.So Lakob used a special plane to transport all his employees to Cleveland, allowing them to resume watching the game on the spot, and they would wear the yellow culture shirt of the home fans of the Warriors and wave the flag for the Warriors.  Regardless of the outcome of the game, Lakob’s move can be regarded as fashionable. Both his employees are excited, and all Warriors players will also be grateful to the boss’s move. After all, he has tried to get more Warriors fans to go away.Because they are no longer fighting alone.  It is worth mentioning that Curry was born in Akron. His father also played in the Cavaliers. There will also be some loyal Curry fans and his friends and family, so I must have come to Cleveland to play.Do you have a different feeling in your heart?(Deqing)