Lin Dan lost to Chen Long in the French game, rumored that Fuzhou retired after the game
Lin Dan rumors that there is no plan to retire after the Fuzhou game.Photo / Visual China World Badminton Professional Tournament French Open The second round of Beijing time this morning ended. In the men’s single focus game, Chen Long defeated Lin Dan 2-0 and advanced to the top 8.This is the 14th time the Olympic champions of the two countries have played in the international arena.Long started the game with a 5-0 start and took the lead in controlling the pace of the game. Lin Dan made a mistake after chasing 12-15. Chen Long seized the opportunity and scored 5 points to get the game.Lin Dan saved three games and still lost the first game 15-21.In the second round, Lin Dan adjusted his status, even leading 11-10 in the first half.However, after hitting 13 draws, he obviously lost his physical strength, Chen Long scored 4 points to establish an advantage, and finally locked the victory 21 to 16.Lin Chen started playing in the badminton tournament 10 years ago, and now he is a “veteran” over 30 years old.Lin Dan won all the first seven times.Since 2015, Chen Long has gradually surrounded the upper hand, plus this victory, he has achieved 5 wins and 2 losses in the last 4 years.Winning this game to advance to the quarter-finals, Chen Long, after the Danish station, once again became the “only seedling” of the national feather men’s singles, the next opponent is Indonesia’s La Justawito.Lin Dan thought after the game that he didn’t quickly enter the rhythm at the start, and the senseless mistakes made Chen Long pull the score too much, resulting in a passive situation.”The second game was still very compact, but some of the balls were not strong enough.”He gave him 70 points in this game,” at least the score in the second game could be bitten, and some balls were lost before the first game.”Starting next week, Lin Dan will go to the domestic arena and usher in three races in Macau, Fuzhou and Hong Kong.The Air Force had reported that he might retire after the Fuzhou Open. Lin Dan personally developed the rumor: “I don’t even know this news.”