Dual-core drive continues to evolve
Without small cards, and Sika, the Raptors continue to evolve this season.Figure / Vision China star running away, few NBA teams can withstand this blow, but the new season’s Raptors seem to be an exception.After MVP Leonard left the team in the finals last season, the outside world generally believed that the defending champion Raptors would be helpless, but after 20 games, the Raptors scored 15 wins and 5 losses, still ranking third in the east.  After the baptism of the finals, Siakam and Van Fleet gradually transformed and quickly grew into the absolute dual-core of the Raptors; under the coaching of the championship coach Nas, Anu Nobby, Powell and other role players improved rapidly, the teamThe offensive and defensive system is becoming more and more mature; Lowry, Ibaka, Mark Gasol and other veterans are sitting in town, basically winning the championship.Maybe the Raptors are difficult to pass through the finals and defend the championship as they did last season, but when the playoffs really start, this Raptors is definitely the toughest opponent the Bucks, 76ers and other teams want to avoid.  The main players will be Sika and Van Jordan as the new dual-core as the Raptors’ 27th pick in the first round of 2016. Siakam continues to surprise the team.Last season, he was successfully elected as a regular regular progress player. The playoffs helped the Raptors to win the first championship in the history of the team. Siakam renewed the contract with the team in advance this summer. The contract amount is as high as 4 years.300 million US dollars.  In the case of Leonard leaving the team to join the Los Angeles Clippers, Siakam renewed the contract with the Raptors to release a very clear signal that the future Toronto Raptors will build a new nuclear team around Siakam.  As early as the 2017-2018 season, Siakam was only an unremarkable role player for the Raptors, averaging 7.3 points, 4.5 rebounds.In the summer of 2018, the Raptors ushered in a huge change. DeRozan left the team and Leonard joined, which also gave Siakam more opportunities to perform.  Beside Leonard, one of the league’s best players, Siakam gained more firepower, while shouldering a heavy burden on the defensive end, averaging 16 in the regular season.9 points, 6.Nine rebounds, the playoff statistics have been improved to 19 points, 7.1 rebound, second only to Leonard in the team.After many hard battles in the Eastern Semifinals, Eastern Finals, and Finals, the Raptors’ name of “dual card and dual standby” gradually started.  However, Leonard’s departure made “dual card dual standby” history, and the best partner around Siakam became Van Fleet.  Van Fleet was originally a grassroots player. Even under Nas’ rule, he had not been able to convince the crowd. Even because of the sluggish performance in the preseason last season, he was criticized by outsiders.But since then, Van Fleet in the Eastern Conference finals, the magical performance during the finals became a turning point, both to reverse the internal criticism, and received the “Van Jordan” nickname, he became more confident.  Simply comparing the average data of the last two regular season games, Siakam started from 16.9 points, 6.9 rebounds to 25.1 point, 8.With 6 rebounds, Van Fleet had 11 points and 4.8 assists increased to 18.6 points, 7.4 assists.There is no doubt that the two have become the absolute dual-core of this Raptors.  Lieutenant General Anunobi made 45 three-pointers.6% coaching career as the NBA team coach for the first time, led the Toronto Raptors to create history, won the team’s first championship, Nas’s coaching talent has been widely recognized by the outside world.Since the start of the new season, Nas has kept the Raptors without Leonard in the top 4 in the East, showing his coaching skills again.  The reason why the Raptors won the championship last season, in addition to Leonard’s superstar performance, the team’s performance on the defensive end is also indispensable.Even if the defensive core left the team, the overall defensive qualities of the Raptors team has not been lost.As of now, the Raptors have averaged 102 points per game.With 7 points, it is one of the best defensive teams in the league. Among all 30 teams, the average loss points are second only to the Bucks, Nuggets and 76ers.  In addition, the Raptors are also one of the league’s best teams for outside three-pointers. The team’s three-point shooting rate is as high as 39.3%, second only to the Pistons, ranks second in the league. The total number of three-pointers made and the average number of three-pointers made are also among the top 5 in the league.  Van Fleet, Siakam must be the team’s most stable three-point point, and the three-point shooting rate of both cores is close to 40%.However, the Raptors’ role players are also not inferior. As the Raptors focus on training potential players, Powell and Anu Noby have played the best seasons of their careers, and the two three-pointers shot 38.1% and 45.6%.  Especially Anunobi, who missed last season’s playoffs due to injury, he came back from injury this season, and repeatedly played the best performance of his career.”The future belongs to him, he will have a great season.”Preliminary Nass said that role players such as Anunobi have won the trust of the whole team.  The veterans Lowry and Xiaojia’s experience became a magic weapon. On December 4, the Raptors lost to the Heat in overtime. They won 7 consecutive seasons and ended 9 consecutive home wins. They were also overtaken by the Heat in the Eastern Conference until they reached the third in the Eastern Conference.Lowry, who came back from this campaign, was in poor condition. Although he scored 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 11 assists, he missed 11 of his three 3-pointers.  It is undeniable that the veteran’s injuries and ages have caused the variable factors of a serious dragon record. Lowry and Ibaka have experienced nearly a month’s injuries recently. Mark Gasol’s small data fell to a career low.However, the team’s winning experience last season proved that the rich experience of these veterans is an integral part of the team.  ”Both Ibaka and I need time to merge the teams.”Lori is not avoiding avoiding his own ups and downs. He and Ibaka were injured in early November and come back in the last two games,” I am sure that we will play better in the next game.”For veterans who have been tested in the playoffs and the finals, the current ups and downs are only temporary. As long as the team needs them, they can still help the team at a critical moment.  Like Lowry, Ibaka faced a similar situation with 34-year-old Mark Gasol.  This season, the Raptors’ scoring points are gradually concentrated on players such as Siakam, Van Fleet, Powell, and Anunobi. Gasol Jr. is willing to play a defensive role inside.As the oldest player in the Raptors, Gasol Jr. ushered in the 12th season of his NBA career, personal data seems inconspicuous, averaging only 6 per game.5 points, 6.4 rebounds, but his role within the team can not be ignored, the team’s help is self-evident.  In the playoffs of the previous season as an example, the top insiders such as Embiid, “letter brother” Adetokounmpo, Cousins, and even age, physical fitness do not have an advantage, and Gasol Jr. still has a wealth ofExperience helps the team win the championship smoothly.This Raptors wants to maintain a high ranking in the long regular season, to go further in the competitive playoffs, still can not do without Lori, Ibaka, Gasol Jr., the experience of these veterans against the RaptorsVital.  Writer / Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin