How about 4 minutes less NBA, Kobe Duncan and other veterans like it?
Minnan News October 16 NBA every season there will be some changes in the rules, the new season, the league is also brewing to make some changes.Yesterday, the league announced that it will launch a new policy in the Celtics and Nets preseason on Sunday. The game time will be reduced from the current 48 minutes to 44 minutes.At the same time, the number of official suspensions per game will also decrease.This is very good news for some veterans who have been in the league for many years. Fossil-level superstars such as Kobe and Duncan have publicly praised.At the NBA coaching meeting before the weekend pilot   , the length of game time was a very important issue, and many coaches suggested shortening the game time.Rod Thorne, chairman of the NBA Basketball Operations Department, said: We have considered all the changes that can make the game better. One of them is the schedule and the length of the game. Most of our coaches support that at least we should try to shorten the game time.  According to reports, in the Celtics and Nets game held on Sunday, US time (3 a.m. next Monday, Beijing time), the league will pay close attention to the impact of length on the game, including whether the rotation of players is normal and the gameWhether the rhythm is smooth.If appropriate, the NBA may try a 44-minute game system in the Development League next year.Correspondingly, in the new system, each game will be reduced from three suspensions to two official suspensions.This has a certain effect on the fluency of the game. Now the average time of an NBA game is about 2 hours and 15 minutes.The veteran is cool. In addition, it is also very beneficial to the players. For example, LeBron now needs to play 38 minutes per game. Shortening the game time can reduce his playing time.If he played 36 minutes each time, he could play 164 minutes less in a season, which would help extend his career.Another veteran, 36-year-old Kobe, praised the new idea from a nostalgic point of view: I am a little old-fashioned and I am used to 48-minute games.But when I am in such a stage, I will not complain about the shortened game time.It can be predicted that if the 44-minute system is implemented, Kobe will get more rest time and the chance of injury will be smaller.  When the older Duncan learned that it might shorten the long game time, oh, ok.I’m OK.  Regarding the idea of the league, the coaches of the two pilot teams both agreed.Nets coach Hollins also said: Short time will affect the playing time, so how to adjust the rotation mode will be very interesting.Fans vomiting    Although there are only 4 minutes less, many fans have questions: Although I am just a ‘video fan’, I am curious about what the audience will do. Is the game time shortened by 4 minutes? Are the tickets they bought cheap?Is it possible to cut the time into the advertisement?  At the same time, the compression of time will also reduce the playing time of role players.Shortening the game time will further reduce the survival space of the bench, the main role will be stronger, depending on how the players, teams, and bosses play.One fan analyzed.Duncan smiled and signed for another 5 years, which still affects my data!Zhan generally performed well the first 47 minutes, but only the last minute.  In addition, the God’s data is even more difficult to break.For example, Kobe’s 81 points in a single game and Anthony’s 33 points in a quarter. Those magical data can only be left in memory.(Special correspondent Li Wenwu)