He Youjun responded to the negative comments from netizens and mentioned regrets with his father
Sauna Night News In the early morning of November 23, He Youjun responded to the bad comments of netizens, saying that he always wanted to declare rumors to the outside world, but Xi Mengyao thought it was unnecessary, and highlighted that he loves Xi Mengyao very much.Afterwards, some netizens left a message saying that their subtext was “Thank you wife and enabled us to share a large sum of money in our four rooms.”It’s also something I’m proud of all my life.He Youjun also mentioned the regret that he and his father failed to play tennis together.He Youjun revealed that his father woke up for the first time after he fell ill and could not walk, but what his father wanted to do most was play tennis with He Youjun.At that time, his father’s hand could not be raised at all, so He Youjun ran to buy the lightest tennis racket used by children. His father sat on a stool and played tennis with He Youjun for the first time in the hospital.In addition, some netizens questioned whether He Youjun and Xi Mengyao were not true love. He Youjun left a message to shut him up, thinking that he was in order to catch up with the realization of the last hope of the centenarian, and embraced his grandson if he wanted;Need netizens to recognize.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Chen Diyan