Ji Zhe jersey retired tonight, the spirit continues to inspire Shougang soldiers
Tonight’s retirement ceremony for the No. 51 jersey of ancient Ji Zhe.Figure / club official Wei Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team tonight against the Guangzhou team, the midfielder will retire the antique Ji Zhe jersey No. 51 retirement ceremony.Head coach Yanis said before the game that he hopes the team will forget the match with the Guangzhou team a week ago and continue to fight with Ji Zhe’s strength.Last week, the Shougang team faced the Guangzhou team on the away side, and “played” their opponents at half time, scoring a 23-point victory and a season-high 109 points.However, before this game, Yannis told the players: “This game is not the same as the previous game. This is also a very important game. We need to forget the last round of fighting and prepare physically and mentally, Do what we should do on the field.”Ji Zhe’s death left the Shougang team in grief recently.In the last game, the players overcame the pressure and defeated the Shenzhen team. Yesterday the whole team participated in Ji Zhe’s farewell ceremony.In this field, Ji Zhe’s No. 51 jersey will be officially retired, but Yanis said that the spirit of the former captain will continue to inspire everyone.”Ji Zhe will always be a member of us, he will always live in our hearts.So I told the players that in this situation, Ji Zhe would like each of us to work very hard to win this game, which is the biggest motivation for our players.”Greek coaches often say that time is our friend.In his view, time is also a good medicine.”This is our life and our inescapable reality.As a person, how to manage emotions is very important.By analyzing the facts, you can always help you get a relatively real evidence.”